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National Adopt a Senior Pet Month: Helping Senior Pets this November

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. This holiday was created by the ASPCA and to raise awareness about the joys of adopting a senior pet. Animal shelters have a harder time finding loving homes for senior pets, and senior pets face disease, illness, and stressors in the shelter that can affect their quality of life. This November, take the time to raise awareness about the needs of senior pets in shelters using these tips.

Be Aware of the Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets

Senior pets often get overlooked at shelters because there is a misconception that they are near the end of their lifespan. In fact, senior pets often have years of love left to give, but the longer they are at the shelter, the more their lifespan is shortened. When you adopt a senior pet, you are getting a loving companion who is grateful for a second chance. Many senior pets are already house-trained and know basic commands. They make wonderful companions, especially for quiet households and people who have never had a pet before. 

Share Information with Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Once you’re familiar with the benefits of adopting senior pets, you can share this information with your friends, family, and colleagues. Follow local shelters and animal rescue organizations on social media, and share their posts on your page. If you know someone who is interested in adopting or fostering a pet, let them know which senior pets are available at your local shelters.

Volunteer or Foster Through Your Local Shelter

If you can’t adopt a senior pet yourself, the next best thing is volunteering at your local animal shelter or fostering. Fostering a senior pet gets it out of the shelter and into a comfortable, loving home while it waits for its forever family. You can give a senior pet a better chance at finding love and companionship by protecting it from a life in the shelter. 

Visit your local veterinarian as soon as possible after adopting a senior pet.