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What is Pet Appreciation Week and How Can You Make The Most of It?

Pet Appreciation Week is coming up fast from June 4th until the 10th. This special holiday was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association back in 1981 as a way to raise awareness for the pets that we share our lives with, while also providing them with a special day dedicated to appreciating all that they do to enhance our lives. While it’s important to show our pets how much we value them every day, Pet Appreciation Week is the perfect time to do a little extra for them. We’ve compiled three fun activities you can plan to enrich your pet’s life this coming Pet Appreciation Week. 

Donate to a Pet Rescue Or Shelter 

Your pet may be spoiled and live a life of endless comfort and luxury, but not all animals are as fortunate. This Pet Appreciation Week, consider making a donation to your local shelter or pet rescue organization in honor of your pet to help other pet’s receive the same type of care and love that your pet receives each day. 

Organize a Special Day 

Carve out a day that will be all about your pet. This may include engaging in their favorite activity, whether that be playing with your cat or snuggling, or going on an outdoor adventure with your dog. You may also stock up on your pet’s favorite snacks, such as tasty treats or homemade, pet-friendly cookies. 

Protect Their Health 

When most pet owners think of a fun day, the veterinary hospital is not typically the first thing that comes to mind. However, your pet’s health is vital and as such, a great measure to show them how much you care and appreciate having them in your life is by taking them for a health checkup at their trusted veterinary hospital. Contact your pet’s veterinarian today to schedule their checkup and protect your pet’s health to guarantee a long and happy life together. 

For more fun ways to amplify your pet’s happiness for Pet Appreciation Week, contact your local veterinarian today.